I am Asutosh Palai, currently pursing MS in CS at Georgia Institute of Technology.
Here is an (old) about me page.

If you happened to be interested in my resume, you can see it here. I also occasionally write something on my blog.

Although the blog has fallen out of maintainance, you can find my recent thoughts at my notes repo.

I haven't put anything much here yet, but since you have climbed mountains [;)] to reach here,
here is a fortune for you:
/ Writing is easy; all you do is sit  \
| staring at the blank sheet of paper |
| until drops of blood form on your   |
| forehead.                           |
|                                     |
\ -- Gene Fowler                      /
   /oo\ |||
   \  / \|/
   /""\  I
()|    |(I)
   \  /  I
  /""""\ I
 |      |I
 |      |I
  \____/ I

Well, the character is supposed to be: snowman